Applying Business Intelligence to complex problems to help our clients make better decisions.

Rynal has built specialist Business Intelligence tools for Government and Defence clients. These tools have helped our clients manage and derive vital information from their data. From Supply Chain to Vehicle Maintenance and even Human Performance, Rynal works with our clients to find critical information within their Data. Often we can do this using client’s existing enterprise tools.

Rynal applies this innovation to focused challenges and applications. From our ‘Soldier Health and Usage Monitoring System’ developed for the Australian Army’s 2015 ‘Army Innovation Day’ to the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) portal developed for the Australian Department of Defence, Rynal specialist combine technical expertise with deep understanding of client challenges to produce exceptional results.

Rynal is a Specialist Information Technology and Consulting company. We specialise in accessing the unused or disjointed parts of your organisation to help you make better decisions and create value. We access the hidden parts of your corporate Data.

Our roots are in the Defence Industry but we are passionate about helping all our clients make better use of their existing Data and Infrastructure. We love solving complicated problems.

We are based in Melbourne but have a national reach. Our expertise is largely in Big Data, Data Analytics, Visualisation, Consultancy and Data Science.

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